Naked Veg!

Does your shop make you feel like you’d like to reduce the amount of plastic your bringing into your home?

We all know that plastic packaging is a BIG problem, for the environment and for our own wellbeing - how are we supposed to shop the foods that we are all encouraged to eat more of when they are covered in plastic. ⁠

⁠That’s where we come in - Just a simple swap - shop with Boxxfresh; Our Naked Veg Pledge means that we strive to deliver your produce with bare minimum packing & provide you with our tried and tested methods of keeping your produce fresh and in tip top condition!


Packing It In!

No two Boxxfresh orders are the same so each and every one is packed by hand by our super team to fit sturdily, snugly and to stay safe during transit in our insulated Boxxes (which are strong enough to stand on FYI!)

The majority of Boxxfresh deliveries are made via DPD, all around mainland UK, with a small cluster delivered locally via our Boxxfresh vans and the carbon neutral e-delivery service, Zedify, within a local catchment area to our HQ.

Our Big Picture On Packaging

Our pass on plastic :- We provide our fruit, veg, salads and herbs totally naked, that means without any pointless single use plastic! Fresh produce doesn’t need a plastic packet to keep it fresh (nature is SO much cleverer than that!) which is why we always provide tried and proven tips and tricks to keep your delicious produce in perky condition! 

With the expansion of our kitchen cupboard staples, we will be continuing to source products that are not only 100% plant based but ingredients that we believe will help you create stir in the kitchen and get you eating some wickedly delicious food! We will always do our best to source these items as responsibly packaged as possible; however, with the pace of food packaging development and recycling accessibility not always up to the same speed as consumer demand, we have made carefully considered compromises if we feel that alternative products are not a realistic option.

We strive for total transparency with our customers so we are committed to communicating packaging details of the brands and items which we supply, as much as we possibly can - simply click on the ‘i’ button for more information or you are in any doubt - give us a shout at

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