Naked Veg!

Our Naked Veg Pledge means that we strive to deliver your produce with bare minimum packing & provide you with our tried and tested methods of keeping your produce fresh and in tip top condition!

Lovely Naked Veggies... The Way Nature Intended!

Any packaging we do use has been carefully selected to get your produce to you safely, in top condition AND is 100% recyclable.

Our Boxxes and RecycleAir liners can be flat-packed to store, returned to us or used again for your own purposes (like keeping food chilled on a journey or sending a food parcel).

Love Your Veggies & They'll Love You Back!

Nothing is more important to us than making the most of everything in your Boxx, minimising waste, maximising value and your foodie satisfaction! Our website is packed with tips, tricks and techniques we use to keep produce fresher for longer. We also share time saving methods such as batch cooking & freezing for those days when getting in the kitchen may be a challenge.

Let’s Make Eating More Of The Good Stuff As Easy As Possible!

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