Our Magical Boxxes

Here at Boxxfresh we’re passionate about delivering only the very best!

Not just a box of veg, but a magical experience. We want your every delivery to be special. A personalised shopping experience, bespoke to your needs. We understand that you don’t always want the same thing each week and can’t cook-up a storm with a limited selection of veg. Our easy to use on-line shop gives you the choice and flexibility to pick exactly what you want each week from a fantastic selection.

Squeaky greens, brilliantly bright berries and flawlessly fresh fruit…life’s too short for dull, tasteless and lifeless produce.

We’re fiercely competitive folk when it comes to making sure that you get your money's worth at Boxxfresh - with Boxx prices starting at just £15 for approximately 10 selections.

Celebrate the Seasonal and Love Local
At Boxxfresh we are privileged to work closely with our growers. Quite simply there is nothing fresher when its grown nearby! You’ll notice how much longer it lasts at home and appreciate wasting less produce. Say goodbye to limp lettuces, soft-spotted strawberries and wilted wassberries….
Cooks Essentials
What would a G&T be without the perfumed zing of lemon or lime? Unthinkable!
Imagine the blandness of life without ginger, garlic or chilli..? Save us from this nightmare!
Rest assured that these cupboard essentials are available each week for you to select in your Boxxfresh order, in addition to seasonal and local favourites.
We only source from accredited producers in our network, so you can trust that they follow the same exact standards of sustainable agriculture that our local farms do.

Our Passionate Producers & Growers

With a wealth of best in class producers supporting us, Boxxfresh are the farmer’s friend – committed to making sure that they benefit from our journey and share in our success.

Passionate about produce quality and sustainable farming, our growers are experts in their fields with years of experience and bundles of Environmental Stewardship Awards and Assurance Certifications.

At Boxxfresh we always work with what’s been harvested – wonky and supersize is welcome! Nobody wants waste, especially the farmer!

We select the very best of British, source locally wherever possible and are proud to work with some of the finest independent producers & specialist growers in Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight Hampshire and the south coast is blessed with stunning landscapes, rich soils and high light levels…this means the perfect growing conditions for simply stunning veg and a surprising variety of fruits more familiar with the continent..

  • Isle of Wight Tomatoes
    Isle Of Wight, UK

    More Sunshine means More Taste!
    It’s true…Met Office data shows that the highest light levels (AKA ‘lumens’) recorded in the British Isles are on the south coast, the peak of which is the Isle of Wight. There is simply no better place to grow tomatoes! Started in 2007, The Tomato Stall uses environmentally sustainable practices to grow speciality variety tomatoes. Left to ripen on the vine for an intense flavour, your senses will be overwhelmed with the aroma, colour and taste bud bursting sweetness of their award winning range.


  • New Forest Mushrooms
    Landford, UK

    Our magnificent mushrooms are proudly produced by specialist Jim Stanton. Grown on Landford Manor in the beautiful borderland of the New Forest, Jim handpicks to your order…so they couldn’t be fresher for a lazy weekend breakfast or a midweek treat!

  • D & J Hayward
    Landford, UK

    Perfectionists. Master Salad Growers. There is simply little else that can be said about the Hayward family, who through the generations have become one of Hampshire’s most respected and celebrated leafy salad growers. Nestled away on the River Blackwater by the edge of the New Forest, their perfect soils, light levels and the mild climate of the south coast produce a range of fine dining grade Frisee, Radiccio, Kos and Gem (to name only a few!). It never wilts!

  • Blackmoor Estate
    Liss, UK

    The splendid beauty of the Blackmoor estate in Bordon yields a secret gem…that being their magnificent cherry grove, newly opened in 2017. Using natural techniques, the clever folks at Blackmoor have grafted the King Cherry variety onto their old apple tree stock, producing a crop so wonderful in 2017 that they deservedly won accolades thgroughout the county. A secret no longer, we are proud to supply their seasonal cherries and English heritage apples in our Boxxes each week.

  • Hall Hunter Partnership
    Chichester, UK

    Berry entrepreneur, Harry Hall is a visionary soft fruit farmer who saw the opportunity to experiment with growing strawberries in old and unused green houses along the south coast. A stunning success, Hall Hunter produces superior quality British strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries locally for 10

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