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We’re A Family Business

So many of you lovely people have joined us over the last year, I wanted to let you know a little more about us.

Where We started & Where We Are Now

From starting with just a few boxes of fresh fruit and veggies in the back of my car, to growing and establishing a business that is founded on the belief that eating More Of The Good Stuff - fresh fruits veggies, herbs and salads - can only benefit how we feel, our health, our families and our gorgeous planet; to where we are now delivering Boxes of Feel Good Food nationwide throughout mainland UK - this really could only have happened because we absolutely love what we do.


Making The Magic Happen

There’s so much that goes on to ‘make the magic happen’ - it’s definitely not just a push of a button. From produce sourcing, quality control, logistics, website management, packing, tracking & monitoring your deliveries; through to customer care, recipe creation and testing, photography and marketing - EVERYTHING happens within our HQ in Hampshire.


Our awesome website built by Baby Giant Co. now makes it so simple for you to fully customise your box and book your delivery; but behind this glossy online shop is a small, passionate and dedicated group of humans that make the Boxxfresh service happen - which I’m so proud to call my team. Our ethos is we all step in and step up to make it happen.


Being a small family business means we connect & support with other small businesses and growers delivering us the freshest fruit and veggies - some of which are too big for supermarket specifications .... crazy I know! Some of you will have had the pleasure of receiving our super-sized kale, muddy multi-size spuds or one of our HUGE cabbages... the quality of our fruit and veg really speaks for itself.


So when you shop with Boxxfresh you’re supporting far more than us alone as a family business. Everyone connected with us benefits too, and it keeps the magic of small businesses alive especially during these challenging times!

Lots of Love,



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