The Boxxfresh Philosophy: We’re Allabouttheveg

Born in my kitchen through a major love of veg and passion for eating well, I created Boxxfresh to inspire people to reconnect with British seasonal produce & eat more of the good stuff...

Let’s get real food back into our homes that’s bursting with freshness and flavour, helping us to feel healthier from the inside out!

At a time when lifestyle and health have never been more confusing; from fad diets, food allergies to auto-immune illnesses, the latest body miracle book, endless food-selfies and alarming obesity and type 2 diabetes headlines; the Boxxfresh philosophy might seem rather simplistic…

Just Eat More Of The Good Stuff!

Everybody understands that eating more fruit & veg is going to be better for them and their families. We’re here to help you create amazing whole-food, plant-based meals that make veg the main event!

Supported by our super-passionate foodie team, we’re all about getting people back in the kitchen with simple prep and cooking skills to create quick and tasty recipes.

“As a mum of 3, I get it can be tough juggling life, work, fun and all in between. Time can be short, but by keeping it simple and eating real food, let’s start a journey to feel our best.”

Let’s Love It, Eat It, Live It!

Kelly Barfoot, Founder

Our Team


Founder and creator of Boxxfresh - you'd find it dificult to chat to this brilliantly dynamic lady about fresh produce and NOT be inspired to get cooking and eat more of the good stuff!

Lisa, Ana & Lisa
Packing Fresh Greatness!

Every one of your boxxes is carefully hand picked and packed by our super team!

Steve & Wendy
Delicious Delivery

Come rain or shine and always with a smile! Steve & Wendy deliver your super fresh Boxxfrsh orders to your door...

Freya, Kate & Helen
Let's Talk About Veg!

From customer service to photography and marketing- these girls have it covered!

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