Cheezy Leeks

Cheezy Leeks

Oozey, gooey, comforting, quick and totally delicious! We're not really sure what to say other than Cheezy leeks is our new favourite! 

Serves 2 to 4 

2 leeks finely chopped and washed

2 handfuls of grated cheeze - we used Violfe cheddar

Salt & pepper for seasoning 

1 tbsp Olive oil 

Couple of slices of your favourite bread toasted - we used Vegbred Sourdough. 



1. Grab a shallow pan and pop on a medium heat. 

2. Add your olive oil to gently warm before adding in your leeks. 

3. Allow these to cook gently for at least 10-15 mins until they are lovely and soft. 

4. Add your salt and pepper to taste. 

5. Now it’s time to add the cheese to your leeks ( leaving enough to sprinkle on top later)

6. Stir the cheeze into your leeks. 

7. Your gorgeous gooey mixture is now ready. 

8. Grab your toast and spoon over a generous dollop. 

9. Sprinkle with the left over cheeze and pop under the grill until melted and slightly browned.