Cherry Picked!

Cherry Picked!

We’re so, so excited to have cherries back in stock! Over the next few weeks and hopefully months, we’ll be offering our supercharged delicious cherries sourced from the Blackmoor Estate, Hampshire, who started growing cherries amongst their orchards where they have also been growing apples and pear for generations! These juicy Rubys are sweet, tasty packed full of antioxidants and just 14 of them count as 1 of your 10 a day!


Here’s how we love to eat them!

Obviously, naked and as nature intended they are a totally delicious snack!

Top them on overnight oats.

Whizz them up in smoothies.

Paired with coconut yogurt, lime zest and coconut flakes.

Cherries LOVE almonds whether you’re getting you bake on or putting together a lazy weekend brunch, these flavours are a match made in heaven!

Remove the pips and warm them in a pan with the zest and juice of an orange for a delicious hot topping over pancakes or porridge.

And of course, let's not forget a delicious cherry pie!


Stay Fresh!

The team at Blackmoor make sure that their cherries are picked at exactly the right time, checking for ripeness, flavour and sweetness, daily (tough job!) so here are our two top tips to keep them fresh once we deliver them:

If you can, try not to put them in your fruit bowl unless you know they’re going to be eaten straight away!

Keep your cherries in the fridge, taking out what you need when you’re ready to cook or eat them.


Why cherries are good for you…

Cherries are jam packed full of antioxidants which are vital for good health to help fight inflammation and free radicals.

Just 14 cherries counts as 1 of your portions of fruit and veg a day.

They can help you sleep better, boost your immune system, improves kidney health

AND can help improve your skin!


So let's make the most of this Cherry-fic seasonal fruit!