Confession Of A Veg Dodger!

Confession Of A Veg Dodger!

Everyone, meet our gorgeous Helen, head of all things logistics at HQ, Boxxfresh Mum and chief snack extraordinaire!

Each and every one of us are on our individual food journey, whether that means just starting out eating more of the good stuff to feeding a family in a healthier way or doing what we can though food to protect our amazing planet. These reasons, and everything in between is why, we here, at Boxxfresh have always been so passionate about helping you eat BETTER, FRESH & SIMPLER. 

We love nothing more than hearing your food stories and how maybe eating better has changed how you feel, perhaps how shopping fresher has changed how you shop and possibly how being introduced to a simpler way of cooking has saved you time in the kitchen. We've invited our dear Helen, a self-confessed Veg Dodger to tell us and you a little bit about her story - the first of many veg tales to come from her and other who may wish to share their food journey.

Confession Of A Veg Dodger! By Helen Whiting

"If you're like me and only get a recipe book out for special occasions to try and impress dinner guests, your day to day cooking may be stuck in a rut of a few favourites followed by a take away because you like to eat something tasty but don’t really know how to make it.

What I have learned from the Boxxfresh recipes is that I can make tasty meals for everyday with just my cooking 101 skills and not a degree level understanding.

I have learnt that garlic is an essential in most if not all cooking, that it's not the deamon breath killer of old and that it can add a depth of flavour to dish along with the ever faithful salt and pepper. I find that I look forward to whipping up a quick, tasty supper for me and the kids when I get in from work, one because i now know how and two because I know it's not going to take that long to actually do it. I’ve learnt how to use different sauces from Teriyaki to Tamari, what herbs to use and when.

Scrabbling together a veggie rice jumble now gets positive comments from the teenagers at home and often their mates too. I’ve tried many a new vegetable some of which are still on my hate list but surprising many that I have come to understand so much better, who would have thought that I would love a jacket sweet potato or roasted butternut squash! Certainly not me.

I’m not Vegan but managed very easily to complete Veganuary this year, discovering many new surprises on the way, one being a cous cous, falafel wrap that I made myself.

All I can say is thank God Marmite is Vegan.

I’m putting this down so that my fellow Veg Dodgers can realise that there is a 'light at the end of the veg tunnel' that with help and a bit of trial and error that you too can create healthier meals for yourself and drag the rest of the family with you."

Thank you Helen! If anyone would like to share their story and join our veg loving and veg dodging in the hope that their story might inspire someone else to eat better, please email us at