Get A Leek Of This!

Get A Leek Of This!

It's a common misunderstanding that the dark green tops of leeks are only fit for stock or the worse - feeding compost heap (cringe!). No, no, no… not the case! Prep your leeks right and you’ll get more out of them than you could ever imagine!


1. Start by trimming off the root tip and the thinnest slither of the tops. These are the only bits you’re not going to cook with!

2. Lay your leek on a chopping board and you’ll see clearly that it naturally splits into 3 parts.

3. Slice your leek according to the following guide:

The White & Light Green Part - Mild and sweet. The softest part of the leek and takes the shortest amount of time to cook. 

 - Slice this part into thick slices, about a thumbs width.

The Dark Green Tops - This is part has a delicious strong punchy onion flavour. These leaves are tougher than the rest of the leeks so need more cooking time. 

- Slice this part as thinly as possible.

4. Wash all your slices through a colander and you're ready to cook! 

Whether you're rustling up a quick stir fry or getting a casserole together to slow cook in the oven, slicing each part of the leek in varying thicknesses will allow you to cook the whole leek evenly at the same time!