Healthy Watercress, Avocado & Lime Smoothie Recipe

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Healthy Watercress, Avocado & Lime Smoothie Recipe

This super simple & healthy smoothie is what you call a glass of delicious goodness!

* Smoothies are a great way to up that daily veg count! 

* Perfect to make the day before for an on the go re-fuel. 

* Veg-dodgers this is one for you... even if you don't like eating your greens, we think you'll enjoy drinking them!


To make 2 large smoothies, you will need:

1 x large handful of watercress washed and chopped 

2 x pears cored and roughly chopped 

1 x lime, skin removed 

4 x dates, stones removed 

1 x thumb size piece of fresh ginger roughly chopped

1/2  a ripe avocado, stone removed 

A handfull of Ice 

1 x glass of fresh water

Blender or Nutribullet



1. Simply pile in your ingredients strating with your pears followed by, lime, avocado, watercress, ginger, dates, ice and lastly pour in glass of water. 

2. Secure the lid of your blender. 

3. Blitz until super smooth 

4. Pour over ice and ENJOY!