How To Prep A Cabbage

How To Prep A Cabbage

Were here to help you be the master of your kitchen!

Here are our top tips to get the most out of you cabbages...

1. Strip back the outer leaves and set them aside.

2. Cut the cabbage head in half.

3. Remove the core by cutting cutting alongs the core which will naturally create an upside down 'v' shape then remove and disgard the core.

4. Slice each half of the cabbage head into thick or thin strips, depending on you like it - we would suggest finely sliced for salads or stir fries and thicker slices for steaming.

5. Don't waste the outer leaves - they have oodles of flavour! Cut away the core, roll them up and slice them the same width as the cabbage head.

And you're ready to go... happy cooking!