Rustle Up Some Sizzlin' Veggie Sides!

Rustle Up Some Sizzlin' Veggie Sides!

A side of veg may have had a bad rep in the past - a slightly dull, soggy pile of boiled veg you feel obliged to eat to tot up your veg count. Well not anymore!

Sides of veggies should be as exciting and delicious as the main event - all it takes is a couple of tips and simple recipes. Roasting, stir-frying and charing all keep in the goodness of the veggies and add a bit of char or golden caramelisation around the edges adding scrumptious flavour… Add some citrus, herbs & spices or oil and vinegar and you’ve got yourself some super Jazzy sides everyone with be fighting over!


Simple Salads & Stir Frys

Full of flavour, quick and light AND they need little more that a bit of chopping, tumbling and seasoning!

Here are our favourites:

Lemony Seedy Beans 

Simple Tomato Salad

Summer Pea Salad

Celery & Apple Slaw

Naked Slaw


Chips! Yup, we said chips!

Chips can come in all shapes, sizes and vegetable - not just deep fried! These are go-to chippy fixes when we’re craving something dunkable!

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Butternut Squash Chips With Garlicky Green Sauce

Crispy Sliced Potatoes With Paprika Mayo


Shake ’N’ Bake Roasties 

Move over Pot-of-over-boiled-veg… Enter roasty, baked goodness!

There aren’t many veggies that don’t get totally transformed into delicious nuggets of golden greatness after they’ve been roasted or baked - Here are a few delicious recipes that require minimum effort and deliver maximum flavour!

Lemon & Thyme Roast Carrots

Roast Cauliflower

Roast Butternut With Roasemary & Garlic

Crushed Roast New Potatoes

A Vegelicious Tray of Roasties

Whole Baked Onions

Happy Cooking