Veggie Layered Loaf

Veggie Layered Loaf

This Layered Veggie Loaf a delicious alternative to regular sandwiches - a whole loaf scooped out and layered with flavour packed veggies! This is a really simple recipe that feeds a crowd, looks super impressive and perfect for a picnic!


1 Loaf of crusty bread - we’ve used Vegbred Bloomer for it’s delicious flavour!

1 jar of red or green pesto

1 red onion

2 or 3 handfuls of tomatoes

1 green or red chilli

1 aubergine, sliced and roasted or griddled

2 courgettes, sliced and roasted or griddled

1 Violife Greek style block

2 or 3 big handfuls of spinach leaves

Olive oil

Sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper



1. Make this the night before you plan to eat it - start by preparing all your ingredients and have them all ready:

Thinly slice the aubergine and courgettes, lengthways in about 1/2 cm slices, drizzle with olive oil and fry until golden in a frying pan or griddle pan. 

Finley slice the red onion.

Slice the tomatoes or if they tiny, just cut them in half

Cut the chilli in half, deseed and finely chop.

Cut the greek style block into thin sliced

2. With a bread knife, cup the top off the loaf on bread, about a quarter of the way down from the top to create a lid.

3. Pull away all the soft bread from the inside of the loaf, leaving the crust as the shell for your Sandwich loaf and set it aside. 

4. Put the bread into a mixing bowl and add the the pesto, a tablespoon of olive oil and add a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. With your hands, squish everything together so the bread breaks up and the pesto and seasoning mixes into the bread crumbs. Continue to do this until everything combines together.

5. Take your loaf case and a little at a time, scatter in half of the bread and pesto mixture, pressing it down into the cotton of the bread case to create a based layer.

6. From here, layer your sandwich ingredients, firmly pressing each layer firmly down. Start with layering in the aubergines and courgettes, followed by the red onions, then tomatoes, a sprinkle of chopped chillies, layers of the greek style block and spinach leaves. For the last layer, press down the remaining bread crumbs and pop the lid back on.

7. Now wrap your whole sandwich loaf really tightly in greaseproof paper and secure it by tying it up with string or a couple of big elastic bands will do! Pop it in the fridge over night.

8. The next day, just before you’re ready to serve, unwrap the loaf, place it on a chopping board your delicious loaf cut it into slices or wedges, revealing all the scrumptious layers and seve!