Veggie Pesto Pasta Recipe

Vegan Pesto pasta recipe

Veggie Pesto Pasta Recipe

Gorgeous Green Pesto Pasta 

We all have those days when only a bowl of pasta will hit the spot! This Gorgeous Green Pesto Pasta involves zero faff, it's one our favourite basic recipes - real food for real life - full of flavour and full of chopped veggies so you know you're getting the good stuff ticked!

Serves approx 4:

2 courgette chopped 

1 handful of Tenderstem broccoli chopped 

1 handful of mushrooms finely sliced 

2 cloves garlic finely chopped 

1 large heaped tbsp of green pesto (we used Bonsan)

500g of dried pasta 

Pinch of salt & pepper to taste

Olive oil (or oil of choice for cooking) 

Optional - Stir in a huge handful of spinach for that extra green goodness boost!



Cook your pasta following the instructions on the back of the pack. 

Once cooked, drain and set aside.  

Grab a shallow pan and pop on a medium heat. 

Add your oil and garlic and stir in for 2 mins - not letting the garlic burn. 

Add in your mushrooms and let these cook off for a few minutes. 

Now add the rest of your veggies and stir together. Let your veggies cook for 5 mins. 

Add your pesto and gently stir into the veggies. 

Have a taste and season if needed (basically this means adding a pinch of salt & pepper) 

Tip your cooked pasta into the pan and mix this into your delicious veggies.  

This is now ready to rock & roll… serve and enjoy! 

Delicious topped with a generous handful of grated cheeze or a drizzle of chilli oil.